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Pharm Grade

The Pharma Grade product is a white powder product with odorless and tasteless property. It is used as coating film, colorant, UV thinner of medicine and in tablet, pill and granules coating.


The TiO2 product 0969R is developed following the EU, US and Japanese regulations for cosmetics. The standard 0969R followed during production process are similar as the nanometer lipophilic titanium dioxide and therefore its quality is nearly the same with nanometer oily titanium dioxide. Besides the high whiteness, 0969 is also characterized by high covering ability and good compatibility and excellent dispersion with any lipophilic cosmetics products. This product is widely used in the cosmetics and has excellent effect on applications of other industries.


The hydrophilic 0970R TiO2 product, is an excellent dispersant of cosmetics. The product has been developed for 5 years and is now produced using cutting edge technics and devices. It is developed to provide a cosmetic grade TiO2 products with less heavy metal contents. 0970R is characterized by its good whiteness, high covering ability and good dispersibility with the only shortage of not applicable to cosmetics containing sodium salt. The product is widely used in soaps, moisturizers, foundations, cream, lotion, color cosmetics, children and adults sun care products and it is also applicable to foods application.


The TiO2 Anatase Food Grade product is produced by sulphate process, it is characterized by its high brightness, purity and good opacity. The main applications are food coloring, food additives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, soap making, cigarettes and for cigarette paper Pet-foods etc.



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