Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is used in a variety of personal care products, including sunscreens, pressed powders, and loose powders, as a UV filter or whitening agent.

Titanium Dioxide application in Masterbatch industry

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an essential raw material used in the masterbatch industry for coloring plastic products and enhancing their properties. As a highly effective white pigment, TiO2 imparts opacity, brightness, and whiteness to plastic materials, allowing the production of white and light-colored products. Moreover, TiO2 provides UV protection, absorbing and scattering harmful ultraviolet light to prevent plastic degradation and color fading in outdoor environments.

Due to its high refractive index, TiO2 offers excellent opacity and coverage, enabling manufacturers to achieve vibrant and consistent colors in the final plastic products even at low concentrations. Additionally, its stability at high temperatures makes it compatible with various plastic processing methods, such as extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding.

Furthermore, titanium dioxide is widely considered safe for use in food-contact applications, making it suitable for coloring plastic packaging and containers used in the food industry.

Manufacturing process of masterbatch

The masterbatch manufacturing process involves incorporating pigments or additives into a carrier resin to create a concentrated mixture. This masterbatch is added to the base polymer during plastic processing to achieve the desired color or properties. The process includes raw material selection, pigment/additive selection, pre-blending, extrusion/compounding, pelletization, cooling, and packaging. The type of masterbatch and equipment used may vary among manufacturers. Overall, this process enables the production of masterbatch pellets ready for distribution and use in various plastic applications.

Compound industry Titanium Dioxide application

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is widely used in the compound industry to enhance polymer compounds' properties. It is added to thermoplastic compounds for coloration, opacity, and UV resistance, protecting products from sunlight damage. In thermoset compounds, TiO2 improves UV resistance and mechanical properties. Rubber compounds benefit from TiO2 for UV protection and increased weather resistance.

Manufacturing process of compound

The compound manufacturing process involves blending polymers with additives, fillers, and reinforcements to create materials with specific properties. Steps include raw material selection, additive and filler selection, pre-mixing, mixing and compounding, pelletization, quality control, and packaging. The chosen polymers and additives determine properties like UV stability, flame resistance, and impact strength. Manufacturers use twin-screw extruders for mixing and melting materials, ensuring uniform dispersion. Compound pellets are then cooled, cut, and packaged for further processing or distribution. The process varies depending on the compound type and application, and quality control measures ensure the compound meets desired specifications.

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Chloride Grade: The chloride grade of Titanium Dioxide is often preferred in masterbatch/compound applications where high opacity and whiteness are crucial. It offers excellent color dispersion properties, making it suitable for achieving vibrant and consistent colors in various plastic products. Additionally, the chloride grade is known for its high hiding power, allowing for more efficient use of TiO2 in masterbatch formulations. 

Sulfate Grade: The sulfate grade of Titanium Dioxide is commonly used in masterbatch/compound applications where color consistency and UV stability are essential. It provides good UV resistance, making it a preferred choice for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight is a concern. Sulfate grade TiO2 is also preferred in food-contact applications due to its relatively lower residual chlorine content. 

Titanium Dioxide application in paints, coating, and ink industry

Titanium Dioxide application in paper industry

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